Gift subscription welcome emails can be scheduled to be sent on Christmas Day

Gift subscriptions

Gift prepaid Bionic Book Subscriptions are available at a range of different subscription frequencies and length.

Prepaid subscriptions make the perfect gift for family and friends - it's literally the gift that keeps on giving!

If you purchase a gift subscription, we'll send an email to the gift recipient letting them know about your gift and asking them to complete the taste questionnaire. You can include a personal message and tell us when we should send the email. Welcome emails can be scheduled for Christmas Day.

See pricing below. If you would like a different subscription to the options below, get in touch and we can organise a custom subscription.

Hit one of the buttons below to order a subscription. 

Gift prepaid subscription pricing

All options include delivery and free returns.

  • One book per month - Three months: $84.95
  • One book per month - Six months: $164.95
  • One book per month - Twelve months - $324.95

  • One book every two months - Four months: $59.95
  • One book every two months - Six months: $84.95
  • One book every two months - Twelve months: $164.95

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